Creepy Archi Tiles - Magnetic Building Squares for Kids

by DIYJr

The Insects and Bugs Magnetic Building Set by DIYjr is a fantastic way to help children develop their fine motor skills. With this unique set, boys and girls can create their own creepy crawly creatures, all while practicing basic architectural planning and building techniques. Whether they want to build a dragonfly den or a caterpillar castle, the possibilities are endless with these Creepy Archi Tiles!

Featuring a fake bug and insect collection, this magnet block set provides a fun and educational way for kids to play. They can experiment with the variety of square and triangle tile pieces, which come in kid-safe, transparent plastic infused with sparkling glitter and in orange, green, and purple colors. The flat building blocks cling together with built-in magnets on each edge, allowing for the creation of both flat panels and 3-D structures.

Through learning by play, children and their families can engage in hours of creative fun. They can work together to construct a spooky skyscraper or a creepy cage to contain their crawly critters. Every building project is a new opportunity to experiment with math, science, and engineering, while also designing 3-D art that every child will be proud to share. The Insects and Bugs Magnetic Building Set by DIY jr is the perfect tool to help children develop their fine motor skills, all while having fun and learning!


Archi Tiles by DIY jr.

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