My First Tool Belt - Orange

by DIYJr

Introducing My First Tool Belt – the perfect accessory for young do-it-yourselfers who are eager to learn and explore! Whether you're upgrading your child's costume belt pouch or getting them their first tool kit, this real kid size tool belt is a must-have for boys and girls who love to build and create.

Crafted with premium quality riveted pockets and steel hammer rings, this durable tool belt is constructed just like an adult tool belt but sized for children. With four large pouches for tools, including a tape measure pocket, safety glasses pocket, pliers pocket, screwdrivers pocket, and wrenches pocket, this toolbelt has everything your little one needs to get started. The symmetrical design is specifically made to teach kids even weight distribution, preventing sagging.

Designed to fit waist sizes between 20" and 31", this adjustable youth tool belt grows with your child, making it perfect for toddlers who want to carry play tools and older kids who are ready to work with real ones.

The DIYjr toolbelt can be used with our popular real tool kit for children, allowing siblings to share the fun. It can also be used with other appropriate tools and supplies, with adult supervision required when using tools.

At DIY jr., we are proud to be the original creator of high-quality tools for kids. We believe that learning important skill sets is fun when families work together. That's why we stand behind the quality of all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that parents and grandparents can depend on. Start building the legacy with the brand families trust – DIY jr.!



MY First Tool Belt by DIY jr.



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