My First Leaf Blower

by DIYJr

Teach your children the importance of good work ethic and responsibility with the DIY Jr. My First Leaf Blower. This functional cordless leaf blower is the real deal, so boys and girls can help mom and dad with yard work and feel like part of the team.

Designed to look just like the adult yard tool but kid-sized and calibrated for your young helper, the leaf blower is made with the same strong pro grade materials used for standard blowers, ensuring it's built to last. With a new and improved battery life, the orange leaf blower now boasts longer-lasting power, so your kids can use it for years to come.

The official DIY Jr. My First Leaf Blower set includes a detachable battery pack and charging cord with AC/DC adapter, as well as a set of child-sized safety glasses for proper eye protection. Plus, as a brand families trust, DIY Jr. is proud to be the industry leader in the creation of real tools for kids.

We believe that learning through play at their parents’ side is both educational and entertaining, and families all over the world agree. Build the legacy of good work ethic and responsibility with the DIY Jr. My First Leaf Blower, and rest assured that we stand behind the quality of all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that parents and grandparents love.


MY First Leaf Blower by DIY jr.

UPC NUMBER: 850012788904 - BATCH - 3301 - MANUFACTURED: 4-5-23

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