My First Power Drill - Orange

by DIYJr

Introducing My First Power Drill, a real cordless drill set made specifically for kids! Designed with grip, handle comfort, quality, size, and balance in mind, this tool is perfect for little hands. With the DIY Jr. Power Drill, parents can enjoy quality bonding time with their children while teaching them valuable skills around the home.

Using adult-sized tools can be frustrating and unsafe for children, which is why we created this drill set. We want families to learn and create together using real tools designed to be safely and comfortably held by kids under adult supervision. With this kid-sized drill, young builders can be excited and proud to pitch in on DIY projects and crafts.

The 60 piece cordless power set includes a kid-sized drill, assorted drill, driving, and ratchet bits, assorted screws and bolts, USB charging cord with AC/DC adapter, handy hardshell carrying case, and a getting started guide. And that's not all! The drill also features an easy change chuck with magnetized core technology, LED light to improve concentration and focus, comfort ergo grip for growing hands, forward and reverse button for ease of use, sealed battery compartment, removeable USB charging cord with AC/DC adapter, tote strap, and a light, compact design.

At DIY Jr.™, we believe that building the future starts at home, and that's why we're passionate about providing kids with the proper tools to work and learn alongside their parents. By using My First Power Drill, children can develop important skills such as responsibility and valuable problem-solving abilities that they can pass down for generations to come. Start building your legacy today!



MY First Power Drill by DIY jr.

UPC BARCODE#: 703158828006 - BATCH - 3201 - MANUFACTURED: 12-16-20

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