Arctic Explorers Dinosaur Ice Dig

by DIYJr

Introduce your kids to the wonders of science and paleontology with an exciting icy dinosaur adventure right in your backyard! With our Dinosaur Ice Dig kit, your children can have an immersive and educational experience as they excavate a plastic dinosaur collection from the icy depths of their very own dig site.

This arctic expedition set includes 12 deluxe and colorful dinosaurs, 2 plastic plants, a green and black marbled silicone arctic ice mold, a child-sized stainless steel, double-headed hammer, an easy pour cup, kid-sized protective glasses, and gloves for added safety. All you need is water, and your kids can create their very own frozen archeological site in your freezer!

As a company, we at DIY jr. are passionate about making education and learning fun and engaging for kids and their families. We believe that learning should begin at home and that using real tools and toys alongside parents can strengthen bonds and develop important skills.

Please note that our Dino Ice Dig includes real tools and requires adult supervision and the use of safety glasses to ensure a safe and educational experience for all. When you're finished, store everything in the free mesh tote bag included with every set for easy clean up and storage.


Dino Ice Dig by DIY jr.

UPC NUMBER: 850012788713 - BATCH - 401 - MANUFACTURED: 6-7-20


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